Off-White Introduces Paperwork, A New Beauty Label With A Unisex Fragrance

The late Virgil Abloh’s genius mind and “vision of a blank canvas to inspire limitless creation” are manifested in Off-White‘s excursion into beauty with a collection that manifests the late Virgil Abloh’s brilliance mind and “vision of a blank canvas to inspire unlimited creativity.”

Despite his tragic demise, Virgil Abloh continues to create the Italian luxury brand through WhatsApp chats filled with rich ideas and thoughts. Members of Off-White’s leadership and close pals Davide De Giglio and Andrea Grilli will serve as Abloh’s postmortem voice. Off-White’s cosmetics line was initially previewed at Virgil Abloh’s final Fall/Winter 2022 show at Paris Fashion Week last month.

“PAPERWORK” provides a “toolkit for self-expression, in whatever shape it takes.” Smell, sight, and touch are all covered in this gender-neutral collection. ‘Solution’ scents, ‘Imprint’ multi-use pigment crayons, ‘Template’ stickers and stencils, and ‘Colour Matter’ nail polishes are among the items included.

The upcoming beauty collection contributes to the discussion of genderless beauty as “an inclusive art form at the nexus of humanity and uniqueness.” This move toward inclusion is a nod to the brand’s well-known unusual approaches, as well as the freedom to express one’s identity and originality.

Off-White provides four simple and seductive perfumes in the first volume. ‘Solution’ was created by Virgil Abloh and a group of elite perfumers, exemplifying the late creative director’s design philosophy. His fascination with industrial production processes is evident in the packaging, which has grip control knobs similar to those seen on vats in industrial fragrance plants.

Solution No. 1

Image: Off-White

Solution No. 1 is an earthy perfume and a reimagination of the smell of sand, created by Alexis Dadier, Senior Perfumer of Fine Fragrance. Sands are a sign of civilizations and beaches all over the world, making them the ideal metaphor for the brand. Top notes are Ho Wood and Bergamots, which transition to a sand accord at the heart, which is complemented by a woody character of Vetiver and Patchouli.

Solution No. 2

Image: Off-White

Solution 2 is a citrusy, euphoric scent that combines energizing freshness with enticing woodiness. The aroma begins with Tangerine Leaves and Orange Blossom, accentuated by the flavor of fresh ginger, and is created by renowned perfumer Jérome Epinette. The smokey foundation of Vetiver then creates a beautiful and unisex scent.

Solution No. 3

Image: Off-White

Solution No. 3 is a contemporary and racy scent that is inspired by the timeless and traditional rose. Pink Peppercorns were mixed with Rose Damascena and Ambrette Liquid by Paris-based perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur, who is recognized for her charmingly simple and natural-heavy perfumes. The result is a musky, flowery aroma “connected with a sensual accord inspired by skin-to-skin contact to produce a unique and trendy trademark,” according to the company.

Solution No. 4

Image: Off-White™

Finally, Epinette makes an appearance in Solution 4 to create a world of ease and fullness, which is packaged as a gourmet urban scent. A combination of Eucalyptus, Lavender, and woods, all juxtaposed with a leathery base, represents a trendy streetwear vibe. This fresh perfume was created with the intention of enhancing one’s sense of well-being and harmony.

Off— and now sell all four Solution scents.