Odesza Tease Final “A Moment Apart” Show With Cryptic New Video


Odesza released their third album, A Moment Apart, in 2017. Since then, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight have been touring the world relentlessly, hardly taking a break for a moment. This past weekend, their career reached a new peak as they hosted their very own destination festival in Mexico, Sundara.

But now… well, what now? The duo posted a cryptic video captioned “The Finale” to social media today. Scenes in the video look back at experiences shared and music videos created, worlds encompassed, etc. The duo’s cover photo on Instagram and Facebook states “A Moment Apart World Tour Sep 2017 – Feb 2019” — many fans believe that Sundara was the final AMA set from Odesza. The video could also be considered a teaser for a final AMA set.

Odesza has 14 more tour dates scheduled from now through Electric Forest. They’ve already announced their plans to take a break from touring and work more on music at the end of 2019, so this could be goodbye for a bit.

One of the fan theories on /r/Odesza seems to be the most likely.

Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Life Is Beautiful

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