ODESZA Takes a Turn to Clubland with Fresh Remix EP, “Spinback”

Just when you thought ODESZA couldn’t soar any higher, they pivot sharply into clubland with their latest remix EP, “Spinback”. Renowned for their rich and cinematic productions, the beloved electronic duo pleasantly surprised fans today with the sudden drop of “Spinback Remixes”. This collection breathes new life into a selection of their classic tracks. While the originals were marked by haunting melodies and euphoric build-ups, these eight remixes strip everything back to essentials. ODESZA’s signature melodic touches are swapped for gritty basslines and relentless beats, morphing their sound into a pulsating arsenal for the dancefloor.

Former vocal highlights are now chopped and filtered, transformed into rhythmic hooks designed to ignite the crowd’s energy. From the dreamy expanses of “Line Of Sight” twisted into a fierce drum & bass anthem to the serene ambience of “Say My Name” reshaped into a dancefloor anthem, each remix offers a thrilling reimagining. “Spinback” boasts contributions from an impressive lineup of talented artists, including Biicla, Darby, Rome in Silver, Koven, and okgiorgio. However, it was electronic music producer longstoryshort who left ODESZA wanting more.

In other ODESZA updates, they’re gearing up for the release of their inaugural live album, “The Last Goodbye Tour Live”. Set to hit shelves on May 31st, the album will feature live recordings from their tour of the same name and will be accompanied by a special vinyl release.