ODESZA Marks 12 Years with Epic Live Album “The Last Goodbye Tour Live”

ODESZA are treating fans to their first-ever live album, “The Last Goodbye Tour Live.” The new album, which features 27 tracks, captures the electrifying atmosphere of their eponymous 2023 tour, which many hold in high regard as the best live shows of their illustrious career.

Breathing new life into their four-album discography with new VIP mixes and exclusive mashups, ODESZA manage to transport their fans to those spectacular stages and shows. Edits such as “Across The Room x Falls” and “Say My Name x Late Night” capture the electrifying energy and emotional depth of those nights. With their live drumline and organic crowd noise present, each track resonates with the vibrant atmosphere of ODESZA’s momentous run, offering fans both old and new a chance to experience the magic of their performances in an entirely fresh way.

And if listening to the music from the shows isn’t enough, ODESZA also released their documentary, “The Last Goodbye Cinematic Experience,” which is now available through both physical and digital formats.