ODESZA Is Back After 4 Years With “ The Last Goodbye ” feat. Bettye LaVette

Apart from their 2020 project with Golden Features, BRONSON, ODESZA hasn’t released new music in four years. Their 2017 album, A Moment Apart, spawned the duo’s most extensive tour to date, with stops at every major festival and every corner of the globe. However, the work had clearly taken its toll on their creativity, and they’ve been on hiatus since the tour ended in 2019. “The Last Goodbye” featuring Bettye LaVette, is their first new song since A Moment Apart, and it marks the start of their new album. The vocals were taken from LaVette’s 1965 album, which had a big impact on the duo.

In 2022, there’s still plenty more from ODESZA to look forward to, so keep an eye out! Meanwhile, listen to “The Last Goodbye” below.

Photo via Tonje Thilesen