Oakland Upcoming Artist, Leo Is Taking Over the Pop and R&B Industry by Storm with His Fiery Performance

The newest artist Leo has already been a great asset to the pop and R&B music industry at the tender age of eighteen. Experimenting with intertwining pop and R&B, he has reached the pinnacle of genius musicality. Most of his songs exude euphoric energy laced with a sweet melody that mainly deals with love themes. His song ‘Candy’ catches people’s attention with its engaging and vibrant lyrics that work beautifully with cheerful and upbeat tunes. Some other songs by the budding artist like ‘Used 2’, ‘Her Love’ and ‘Love me remix’ express his love through their well-crafted lyrics matched by killer hooks and catchy melody. His tracks are evidently bound to make the audience sing along and move their feet enthusiastically.

Leo is determined to never lose his originality bringing forth a sonic delight that is appealing to all rather than a particular subculture. His singles ‘Used 2’ and ‘Candy’ emphasizes the craftsmanship with consistent and striking rhythmic elements. The memorable and sensual aspect of his soundscape completely sets him apart from his contemporary counterparts. The songs ‘Her Love’ and ‘Crazy Thoughts’ follows the simple traditional structure with common variants of verse-chorus spreading positivity into the minds of the audiences. The young artist has been inspired by some biggest names in the industry like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Bryson Tiller, deriving the finest elements from their works.

Coming from Louisville, Kentucky, the Oakland Upcoming Artist Leo serves the purpose of bringing jovial yet emotionally expressing lyrics explaining the splendor of his grasp in musical singularity. His genuine approach towards music making defines his intention to pierce through the psyche of the listeners making them fall in love with his songs and dance to the beats. His mesmerizing smooth voice is opulent with the summery vibe with apt arrangements of lyric and rhythm. Under the careful guidance of the Lyon Dynasty, the young and promising artist is ready to take a leap to the bright future and flourish to achieve great heights in the pop and R&B music scene. Be sure to follow this talented musician on SoundCloud, Instagram, and YouTube.

LEO & his tracks hit on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/leofromthe502/used-2