Nuckles – HABIBI Takes over Dubai

Musician Nuckles is redefining the patterns of expressive fortitude and thematic relevance in his newly released song, ‘HABIBI’, a creative revolution in all its glory. Nasser Dajani, popularly known by his stage name Nuckles is back with his outspoken self consisting of hard-hitting opinions and a spectrum of creative legacy. His newly released song, ’HABIBI’ in production collaboration with Icy Trunks has taken over the global music fraternity by storm. The song also features notorious rapper Waka Flocka Flame who adds the element of creative spectacle right at the beginning. Nuckles has mastered his wisdom of creative evolution and musical styles that collectively put together a record that would set him apart from the general crowd that sells themselves out to superficial and boisterous music.

‘HABIBI’ is a stark cultural take on the sabotage of Arabs in other parts of the world that is quick enough to label them extremists. However, Nuckles is here to break the shakes of socio-cultural differences by striking the right chord with his audience. The song utilizes various elements of hip-hop that are modulated into a streaming progression of urban arrangements and dynamics. The essence of the song retains the flavors of both western and middle-eastern euphonies and lyrical constructions by implementing his perspectives on cultural harmony are conspicuous in ‘HABIBI’.

Nuckles rightly deserves a special shout-out for the visual representation of ‘HABIBI’ that is told through unadulterated profanity of the good kind. It is as if the audience feels one with the song as the video plays through defining and redefining the wrath of cultural vandalization. Standing for his people and giving them the respite to believe in themselves, he has layers of thematic references embedded in the lines of his song. Ambient and introspective, ‘HABIBI’ is just the start to not just achieving creative goals but also to partake in the global resurgence of humanity. For more creative surprises from his extensive universe of musical relevance, follow him on YouTube and Instagram.