Now You Can Score Ariana Grande Merch at H&M

Merch is starting to give logomania a run for its money. Don’t get us wrong, we still long for those interlocking Cs from Chanel and monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage, but merch lets us show love to everything from beauty brands to our favorite musicians. Case in point: H&M’s new Ariana Grande collection celebrating her album Thank U, Next. The 33-piece collection features clothing and accessories inspired by Ariana’s hits, like “7 Rings” and “Thank U, Next.”

Clearly timed to coincide with the back-to-school shopping season, we’re betting the beanies, sparkly hair clips and tie-dye tees will be popping up in the halls of practically every junior and senior high school. Confession: We’re actually really digging the line’s Drawstring Sweatshirt and Yeezy-like beige T-Shirt Dress With Motif.

Head on over to H&M’s site to pick out your favorites.