Nothing Says He Is Risen Like YDG’s New Dark Dubstep Tune “Black Easter”

Easter has officially passed, but isn’t the whole point of the holiday about someone coming back 3 days later, anyway? So when YDG dropped his new tune “Black Easter” today, we decided we’d be better off looking past it and just enjoying what we were given. This actually isn’t the first time YDG has delved into the occult, with his last few songs focusing on the darker side of the world. That being said, “Black Easter” is another in a long list of heavy, chest-rattling tunes that he’s been pumping out these past few months. The foggy cemetery vibes are in full effect leading up to the drop, and then you get a sort of Jaws-esque suspense note before werewolf-like synth stabs cut to your core. In all senses of the word, this is a horror tune – through and through. Check out “Black Easter” from YDG below, out now via Thrive Music.