Nostalgix Unleashes ‘Look At Me’: A ’90s Bass House Anthem for the Ages!

Nostalgix, the seasoned purveyor of bass-driven beats, makes a triumphant return to her origins with the release of “Look At Me,” her latest single now available via Dim Mak Records, under the stewardship of Steve Aoki.

This track marks Nostalgix’s inaugural venture with the esteemed label, delivering a sonic journey infused with the essence of ’90s bass house, skillfully weaving together influences from breakbeat and hip-hop. “Look At Me” stands as a testament to Nostalgix’s unabashed confidence, reflected in its bold lyricism, which encapsulates the exhilarating essence of self-assurance.

Bringing an abundance of energy to the forefront, this gritty single serves as an anthem tailor-made for nocturnal revelry, destined to ignite dancefloors worldwide, particularly amidst the backdrop of Gix’s ongoing global tour.