Nostalgix Brand New Production ‘Act Out’ EP

Nostalgix has mastered her craft and it comes through in remarkable ways on her newly released Act Out EP — a spunky, powerful new wave of nostalgia that’s insanely fun to listen through. The release features four brand new productions, including the leading title track “Act Out” for which Nostalgix wrote, produced, and rapped on to intro the EP with much finesse. From there, she teams up with AC Slater, Way and Makla to bring her Act Out vision to life, each track having its own pop of personality.

Nostalgix shares in her own words:

To me, Act Out is about being the most courageous version of yourself. It’s having the courage to be who you are exactly as you are. A lot of people will try to tell you who to be, how to dress or even how to act. To me this EP is about clapping back and saying “no this is who I am, and I love every bit of it.

The Act Out EP finds its instinctive home on AC Slater’s label, Night Bass Records. Listen here and link up with Nostalgix below!

Nostalgix – Act Out EP