Noisia Begins Their Last Year With a Clever ‘Wallhack’

With Noisia announcing their split last last year to the almost audible disappointment of fans worldwide, the bass world happily can still look forward to the trio’s worldwide touring in 2020 and their promise to release any music they aleady had in progress. The first of these projects in 2020 will be the soundtrack to Armajet, a 90s real-time multiplayer twitch shooter game that’s getting a major reboot this year. Both the game and Noisia’s corresponding EP will release tomorrow, January 24 so bass music gamers should be doubly excited.

Two tracks have already been released from the Armajet soundtrack: a breakbeat-based main theme song with ravey synths called “Ascent” and a melodic and quite orchestral D&B track for game play called “Decloak.” with the third track, “Wallhack,” today in and exclusive full stream.

While it’s unclear whether “Wallhack” will accompany an actual wallhack patch in the game, this track seems like it was also made to go along with Armajet‘s gameplay. The track has a rolling beat structure and sort of minimal, traveling synths which have similar patterning to Noisia’s 2016 hit “Collider” but with less high-register melody, as it were. The melodies here are saved for the intro and breaks as well appearing as flourishes at the end of each bar.  “Wallhack” is once again more on the breakbeat side of things and plays with ravey sounds, somewhat like “Ascent,” but of course being a gameplay track within the worlds of Armajet, there’s more movement.

All three members of Noisia are known for developing gaming tracks and have also been interested in gaming throughout their careers both together and separately, especially Nik. “The music we made for it isn’t purely about Armajet itself…” he said in the description of the EP on Soundcloud. The EP is also about the group’s split, exploring 90s trance synths and the development of electronic music along with 3D visuals, especially the ones in video games.

It seems as though Noisia will still have a lot to say musically this year in their own music as a trio and individually, in their labels and on their tours. While it’s likely going to be a bit of a heart-rending year Noisia-wise, it’s also a new era and seems to be one where the energy and mass of the group will neither be created not destroyed; it will only change forms.

Armajet will drop this Friday, January 24 on Noisia’s Vision label. Check Beatport and the Vision website for purchase and stream links on the release date. Check out the Armajet gameplay video preview below and download the game for free here.