Nitti Gritti Goes “All In” on New Single on Spinnin’ Records [LISTEN]

It takes a special kind of talent and determination to excel producing in different sub-genres of electronic music. Then you have someone like Nitti Gritti who makes it look easy. Since he hopped in the game, the Miami DJ and producer has taken EDM by the reigns and is still riding hard. From forming half of a house focused side project with Party Favor to releasing an insane EP with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Ookay, and Funtcase, Nitti Gritti can’t be caught making the same thing as he constantly flexes versatility across his music. His latest track, a release with top EDM label Spinnin’ Records, is no exception.

“All In” enlists the vocal talent of Jimmy Levy who has worked with Nitti Gritti before. Setting the stage for an upcoming EP of the same name, “All In” is a blast of pop-oriented future bass. It kicks off with a two melodies from soft strokes on a xylophone and ephemeral chords of a piano. The piano switches to a muffled bass and Levy gently pierces through the sound with his heartfelt voice. As the instrumental and the Levy’s singing sonically swell together, the drop gently unwinds. There are these squeaky-pitched vocal chops and tranquil drums that capture an ethereal chillness.

With “All In”, Nitti Gritti has the ingredients of a powerful, pop-flavored bop added to his catalogue of mind-boggling, creative tunes. An upcoming, five-track EP will follow later this year and also feature songs that, in Nitti Gritti’s words, are influenced by Odesza, Flume, and Coldplay.

Make sure to check out “All In” by Nitti Gritti and featuring Jimmy Levy out now.