Nitti Gritti & Gammer Have A Banger On Their Hands with “Underdog” [LISTEN]

Stop everything — Nitti Gritti and Gammer have teamed up for a brand new, massive collab called “Underdogs” and you need to hear it now. The song doesn’t rush into it, starting off slow and beautiful. But, don’t let these guys fool you for a moment — “Underdogs” is a banger in every sense of the word. Determined to not be underestimated, Nitti Gritti and Gammer deliver an untamed production that simply won’t let up. The lead synths are absolutely bananas. The kind that instigate thoughts like — “WTF is this?” No sense in trying to figure it out, because every time they bring it back for a drop, the song hits in a totally different way.

Listen to “Underdogs” here!

Nitti Gritti & Gammer – Underdogs