Nissin & HyperX Introduce Limited Edition Cup Noodle Headphones

Your favorite cup noodle brand just upped its game and teased a phenomenal new product that we absolutely need. In partnership with HyperX, Nissin is releasing a limited edition pair of cup noodle headphones (pictured above). Obviously to be used more as a talking point than as actual everyday headphones, the design is definitely killer and makes real use of the cup noodle aesthetic. Two classic Nissin noodle cups will take the place of the generic headphone pads, and they even come with a microphone dubbed the ‘microphork,’ which seems to have a special function.

Nissin said in a statement: “Through the use of a detachable Microphork™, the headphones cancel out all Cup Noodle slurping sounds while still delivering crystal-clear sound quality… the patent-pending Noodlette™ ear pads woven together with noodle fibers deliver the silky soft caress of ramen noodles for your ears…”

The big joke is that these headphones, called the HyperX Cup MIX-Ins, will actually go on sale on April 1. You can find out more about these headphones on the official Nissin Fan merch store when it drops.