Niia Calls Out The Silent Creepers on “Obsession”

R&B/soul songstress Niia found solace in the passage of music icon Mariah Carey and channeled that energy into the soulful new single, “Obsession.” The record is freeing as Niia exudes strength in moments that call for weakness.

“I wrote ‘Obsession’ when I was in a weird place mentally,” Niia tells Highsnobiety. “I’d been using escapism as a way to deal with the sour relationship I was stuck in. It felt exhausting to be myself and stay creatively heard. On top of that, when I felt people were copying me or treading on my territory it annoyed me even more. Instead of letting it consume me, I looked to Mariah for help. Nothing or nobody bothers her so I channeled my annoyance in a playful manner. This song is for everyone who doesn’t like your posts but is still creeping on your stories ;).”

“Obsession” will appear on Niia’s forthcoming project, ‘II: La Bella Vita.’ Pre-order the project here.