Nightmare On Rezz Street 2 Is A Spine-Chilling AudioVisual Mix From Rezz

HypnoVizion, Rezz‘s new label, was just unveiled. While we wait to see what type of releases she’ll include on her new platform, she’s already unveiled her debut release, ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street 2.’ With 12 gloomy instrumentals from her own vault, it’s undoubtedly emblematic of not just the vibe the label is aiming for, but also her upcoming album, whenever that may be.

Rezz recently released her third studio album, ‘Spiral,’ in 2021, delving into indie, pop, and rock territory, with collaborations from female vocalists Dove Cameron, Emily Haines of Metric, and others. With ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street 2,’ she returns to the heavy, hypnotic sound that made Rezz a household name in the dance music world.

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