Nicole Kidman and More Illuminate Balenciaga’s Rodeo Bag Campaign

Nicole Kidman, Amelia Gray, and Yang Chaoyue have been chosen as the new faces for Balenciaga’s Rodeo handbag. Balenciaga has been relentlessly launching new advertising campaigns. In January, they introduced a ‘Closet’ campaign featuring Kim Kardashian, Patricia Field, and others, each pictured within their own closets. Following this, the Summer 2024 campaign was photographed by Czech portrait photographer Jitka Hanzlová. More recently, Demna, Balenciaga’s creative director since 2015, brought in Kate Moss, Mona Touggard, Yang Chaoyue, and Juyeon to promote the iconic Le City handbag. With four campaigns already in 2024, including the latest one for the Rodeo handbag, Balenciaga shows no signs of slowing down.

Balenciaga 'Rodeo' Handbags 2024 : Nicole Kidman, Amelia Gray & Yang Chaoyue by Mario Sorrenti