Nicky Romero’s Monocle alias Has Released Another Dark Progressive Track Called “ On My Mind ”

“On My Mind” is another dark progressive track from Nicky Romero‘s Monocule alias. Nicky reunites with Tim van Werd, a fellow Dutchman, in this episode. In the year 2020, he co-produced the first Monocule track, “Time to Save” (which seems like it was a decade ago.) “On My Mind” sticks to the tried-and-true formula that all Monocule tracks have followed.

A quiet, slow buildup, accompanied by a club-ready vocal track in this case. Production is kept to a bare minimum. The drop features a droning beat with light synths overlaid in the background. As we hear the vocal refrain “You’re on my mind”, a light melody rises above the percussion. Over the minimal production, the track continues with more introspective lyrics. The second drop is packed with production flourishes, with the bassline taking center stage alongside more synths and a droning bassline. Monocule and Tim van Werd’s latest single, “On My Mind” is out now on Protocol.