Nicky Romero x Low Blow See You On the Dancefloor EP Is Out Now On Protocol

When you think of Nicky Romero, you probably think of melodic progressive sounds and festival tunes. But Nicky’s latest release is completely unexpected, and that’s what makes it so, so good. They recently released their two-track See You On the Dancefloor EP, which they collaborated on with Spanish producer Low Blow. See You on the Dancefloor, which combines groovy house beats with disco flourishes, will have you dancing like you’ve never danced before, according to Nicky Romero.

The title track really sets the tone; that vocal sample, the drum buildup, leading to the hi-hats and disco synths just makes you want to get up and dance. Nicky’s dropped this one in his live sets, so fans are in for a treat. “Higher” the second track, is more of a mix of tech-house and disco. It has a consistent groove before the volume drops and you get that tech-house build into a groovy drop with horn synths.

See You On the Dancefloor EP by Nicky Romero & Low Blow is out now on Protocol.