Nicky Romero Latest New Track “ Acid Is My DNA ”

Nicky Romero is back with another new single, and this one is sure to light up the dancefloor and scintillate fans at the same time. “Acid Is My DNA” is Nicky’s latest track, and as you can imagine from the title, it’s an homage to early 2010s acid house. While maintaining it’s old school sensibility, it’s still got a modern production flair, and it absolutely goes off for after-hours!

The track wastes no time as it opens up with the vocal sample repeating the word acid over a four-four beat and the traditional acid synth-notes in the background. As the track builds up, we get the full vocal refrain, “Acid is my DNA.” From there the drop is pure house bliss, with lasers and the kind-of deflating horn synth firing off in the background. Nothing too complex, just some sick bass, a good beat, and, of course, a little bit of acid. Check out the latest from Nicky Romero, “Acid Is My DNA.” Out now on Protocol.