Nicky Romero Is Back With Another Progressive House Gem, “World Through Your Eyes”

Nicky Romero is back with another progressive house gem, “World Through Your Eyes,” a track that is sure to light up dance floors around the world. Nick teams up with Protocol label mates and frequent collaborators Teamworx for this one. Although this is definitely a different sound from what we’ve seen from these two previously. They’re last official collab was 2019’s “Deep Dark Jungle” and Nick did an edit of Teamworx’s 2020 track “Techno.” Both of those tracks are heavy psy-trance bangers.

“World Through Your Eyes” wastes no time getting off the ground. You can hear the synth notes that will permeate through the song immediately. That’s German singer/songwriter Joseph Feinstein you hear coming in over the track. At first his voice stands in stark contrast to the far-off notes. The synth chords become louder in the mix and the synth melody almost becomes one with Feinstein’s vocals, a nice effect. After that we get a nice buildup into the groovy drop. This one will have you closing your eyes and dreaming of being back on a packed dance floor. Rinse and repeat for the second verse and you have a banger that’s sure to get played out in lots of sets as shows start returning.

Nicky Romero also recently teamed up with FaderPro for a new production masterclass. Check here for more info, the masterclass includes a special invitation to a special Finish-a-song contest. One lucky winner will have the opportunity to collab with Nicky on a Protocol Records track.