NGHTMRE’s Breakout Hit “Street” Turns 5 Years Old Today

A lot of artists have a breakout hit that catapults them to stardom: “Losing It” for Fisher, “Me & You” for Nero, “Faded” for Alan Walker… others have a slower burn, a gradual build up of notoriety until suddenly they’re headlining. For NGHTMRE, “Street” was his breakout hit in 2015 and his quality releases haven’t stopped since.

Back in 2015, NGHTMRE wasn’t a household name in EDM. He’d just recently graduated from Icon Collective, he only had two singles and two remixes under his name at that point (at least on Spotify, other remixes are SoundCloud exclusives), and then… “Street.” Later that year, he’d release his first official collaboration with Slander and the rest is history. When Skrillex played “Street” on the main stage of Ultra in 2015, that was the moment that solidified NGHTMRE. That was the moment where people took notice and said, “Wait, I need to know who this is.”

Listen to the classic track again below.

— NGHTMRE (@NGHTMRE) July 15, 2020

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