NGHTMRE x Shaquille O’Neal x Lil Jon Drop Triple-Threat Collab “BANG” [LISTEN]

NGHTMRE x Shaquille O’Neal x Lil Jon just dropped the collaboration that we didn’t know we needed until today! Their triple-threat collab has all the workings of a certified banger. Count on NGHTMRE for the meat of the production, Shaquille O’Neal for a fresh perspective, and Lil Jon, obviously, for the hype rap vocals. Although the collaboration is totally unexpected, this is pretty much exactly what we’d expect to hear when these three team up.

“I met Shaq for the first time in Las Vegas. He came to one of my sets, and we immediately got along and shared our love for bass music,” NGHTMRE recalls. It wasn’t long before they went back-to-back together, for an earth-shattering NYE performance at Decadence AZ.

“I’ve always played tons of Lil Jon music in my live shows, and now I get to play our own collaboration!” NGHTMRE continues. “Being able to work on music with Lil Jon and Shaq was literally a dream come true for me.”

Shaq also speaks on the new collab, “When it comes to dance music, NGHTMRE is my Larry Bird. We spent a ton of time in the studio making ‘BANG’ and I called up my favorite rapper in the game to lay a verse down — Lil Jon.”

“BANG” is out now on Gud Vibrations. Listen right here. Get it HERE!

NGHTMRE x Shaquille O’Neal x Lil Jon – BANG