NGHTMRE & Grabbitz Unleash Their Genre-Bending Collaboration, “Bruises”

Over the past weekend, NGHTMRE & Grabbitz both started teasing their new collaboration, “Bruises.” Having been played out sparsely over the past couple months, the wild single is finally here now, exclusively premiered by Billboard Dance. The single is something new for both artists, with a greater emphasis on pop and structure than NGHTMRE typically puts out, and more weight on synth work that the tracks that Grabbitz is currently putting out (though he has a noted history of some absolute bangers). This track could never have materialized without the influence from both artists.

“The lyrics come from a very real place,” Grabbitz told Billboard Dance. “When I express myself through music, I like to dramatize. It’s more cathartic for me than just saying point blank how I feel. I thought it would be pretty dramatic to fall to your knees every time you think of someone. I think everyone’s had that ‘bruise’ at one point.”

“As soon as I heard this vocal, I fell in love with the song,” NGHTMRE said. “Grabbitz is such a talented guy. We had a lot of fun in the studio together and I think the track reflects it.” NGHTMRE & Grabbitz’s “Bruises” is out everywhere via Ultra Music tomorrow. Check it out early below.

Photo via Koury Angelo