NGHTMRE & Alexander Smash Team Up For A Surprise Drop,“Speak Easy” Feat. Ghostlo

A true clash between present and future, NGHTMRE & Alexander Smash team up for a surprise drop featuring Ghostlo. This first-time collaboration was quite unexpected, although the outcome seems as though they’ve been a team for years. Heavyweight producer NGHTMRE has authority within the scene, while the duo Alexandar Smash is making their electronic entry. Between the individual’s meticulous production and the melodic capabilities, it is highly anticipated that this collaboration may be requested for repeat projects.

NGHTMRE recently communicated that “Speak Easy was one of those tracks that really came together quickly in the studio. The creative flow the first day I worked with Alexandar Smash in the studio was awesome and we got most of the idea done. As soon as I heard the vocals I knew how it was going to sound. It’s rare when that happens but it’s the best feeling. We spent months tweaking/adding final touches and I’m extremely proud of how it ended up sounding! Alexandar Smash and Ghostlo have been a pleasure to work with, to say the least.” Over the years, the multi-talented DJ and producer has proven himself to be a dance music tastemaker and plans on mentoring Alaxandar Smash and Ghostlo in a similar direction.

Listen here, as this unexpected collaboration is likely to have listeners lost in the alluring yet irresistible soundscape.