Newron Motors’ Latest EV-1 Electric Motorcycle Was Carved From Wood

Venturing even further into the future, French motorcycle company, Newron Motors has pushed the envelope of sustainability to heights never seen before. Unveiling its latest electric machine, the EV-1 was constructed around an enormous, central lithium-ion battery pack.

Initially debuting as a prototype in 2019, Newron Motors has finally announced its commitment to producing 12 samples of the innovative bike. Clad in woodworked monocoque, the EV-1 is fully customizable and comes in several unique finishes such as ebony, oak, red cedar, and white ash, alongside optional passenger seats, footrests, and other specifications.

Featuring ultra-light carbon rims for added agility, the EV-1 speeds at a maximum of 136 mph, accelerating 0 to 62mph in an august 3 seconds. With the capability to achieve full charge in under 40 minutes, the two-wheeler is powered up to 186 miles in the city and 136 miles on extensive highways. Available for pre-order and production dates set for 2021, the EV-1 is worth an estimated USD$74022 to USD$82658, with the inclusion of a $2,250 deposit, and will incorporate third-party applications for the customization of riding statistics and settings.