Newly revealed dates for the relaunch of the Excision’s Evolution Tour

Excision’s Evolution Tour, like all other tours and shows in 2020, was postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, whether the future looks bleak or bright, everyone’s planning for 2021 as the comeback we all hope it will be, and Excision is no exception. Newly revealed dates for the relaunch of the Evolution Tour give fans six new dates to plan for, with stops in Salt Lake City, San Bernardino, San Francisco, and Hampton. With the exception of the San Bernardino stop at NOS, all other locations feature two dates.

All current ticket holders should receive an email from the box office and may request a full refund until November 11. Limited tickets are available and will remain valid for any future date changes.

Tickets are available at now.

— Excision (@Excision) October 13, 2020

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