New Zedd Track Alert: ‘Out of Time’ Hits Airwaves

Zedd returns with a captivating new single titled “Out of Time,” an electrifying electro anthem that yearns to break free from the ordinary. “Out of Time” captures the poignant essence of transience, encouraging listeners to embrace fleeting moments before they fade into memories. It serves as a dance anthem for those navigating life’s unpredictable journey, reminding us that amidst the chaos, moments of clarity and connection can be found.

Bea Miller delivers a breathtaking vocal performance, her lyrics weaving a narrative of our dance with time’s inexorable passage. Zedd’s dynamic production mirrors the emotional journey described, soaring to euphoric heights and then descending into introspective contemplation.

This single precedes the release of “Telos,” Zedd’s forthcoming album, marking his return after nearly a decade. “Out of Time” blends nostalgia with innovative soundscapes, showcasing Zedd’s knack for creating music that resonates both on the dance floor and in the soul. Experience “Out of Time” below and pre-save “Telos,” slated to drop on August 30th.