New Socially Distanced Music Venue Set To Open In The UK This Summer

As the global pandemic rages on, some companies are rising to the occasion and adapting to the new world we live in. One of these companies, SSD Concerts, in partnership with the organizers of Newcastle’s This Is Tomorrow Festival, are opening a social distancing venue in the UK.

The new venue, called the Virgin Money Unity Arena, is built around creating a safe environment for fans to enjoy events without significantly increasing their chances of catching COVID-19. Fans will have divided into different viewing areas that are two meters apart, pre-ordered food/drink and bathrooms that have one way traffic to ensure safety.

Featuring performances ranging from live music to comedy, the Virgin Money Unity Arena will be a place for all types of events to safely conduct business within the recommenced safety parameters. When speaking with Mixmag, Managing director Steve Davis had the following to say about the new venue:

“Since all of our scheduled concerts have been postponed to later in the year and all venues in the city closed, the staff at SSD had a willingness to continue. We can’t be without music during these times so our only thought has been how can we bring music back to the British public safely and responsibly. We have been hosting loads of live sessions and DJ sets across our social media, supporting local artists and raising money for the NHS. Now, we’re taking it one step further as the UK slowly comes out of Lockdown.” – Steve Davis, SSD Managing Director

the summer lineup for the venue will be announced July 7th.

Image via Mixmag