New Singer Kenneth Rankins Shows Alabama Soul on Debut LP, ‘Imperfect’

Introducing newly discovered singer/songwriter Kenneth Rankins. The Los Angeles-by-way-of-Monoreville, Alabama recording artist brings that signature 90s sound back as he seizes the moment in the release of his debut album, intriguingly-titled, Imperfect. A complicated love story, Rankins flexes his promising songwriting skills as he indulges in his past love affairs.

Lead by the debut single, “Just Hold On,” the album showcases a signature soul sound by the rising crooner with standout songs, “Damage” and “You Hurt Me.” The album is about the journey man’s trials and tribulations of love. Finding love, enduring heartbreak and remaining hopeful for eternal happiness.

Stream it below, the 15-track introduction dives deep into the psyche of an Alabama journeyman. Throughout the project, Rankins addresses his inner-demons and embraces them, an inspiration for many newfound fans to role model after.

On making his debut, Rankins says, “While creating the ‘Imperfect’ album I decided take the pain of my love, lost love and heartbreak to simply create art the way that could help heal myself and others who just might be going through a similar situation getting back on track.”

Kenneth Rankins credits his musical inspirations to legendary singers Brian McKnight and Gerald Levert. Through Gospel and 90s R&B, Rankins honed his skills as a songwriter. Before his debut, Rankins developed his sound on noteworthy EPs Broken Records, Love + Heartbreak and The Covers Project.

Imperfect is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans eager to explore the eminent future of R&B. “By picking up my pen to write my own imperfect story changed the outcome about how others feel about me,” Rankins expressed to fans about discovering his sound. “I totally get it now that I was just a vessel passing through and it’s ok that my perspective changed.”

Explore the Kenneth Rankins experience, stream the debut album above.

Imperfect is available now via Kenneth Rankins Music. Like it? For more on Kenneth Rankins, follow the rising star on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates. “Follow the journey of who I am becoming. I’m just a guy from Alabama. I write. I sing. I create. I am imperfect.”

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