Cedric Brazle is an emerging Miami R&B artist with a buzzing emotional song called “Prisoner”. A lead up to his upcoming project, Brazle dives deep into his psyche to tackle the trauma he has been hiding while growing up in South Beach. Today, Brazle releases a visual for the new song that is nothing short of otherworldly. Directed by Gabe Sheffield, we find Cedric in the center of his mind, drowning in a series of imprisoned cycles. Driven by the reality that we all have something we fear and the hesitation it can cause in moving forward, the visual draws us into Cedric’s universe as he vulnerably shares the personal conflict within himself. With a calm yet chaotic, dark and grungy feel, the hazy clip perfectly complements the soothing and eerie chords that play along with the 808 bass riding the production.

Watch Brazle’s new video below.

Cedric on making “Prisoner”:

“Lately I’ve had way more on my mind than I can bear. These thoughts channel untapped emotions that I never thought I’d face. At this point, it feels like I’m running in circles, nonstop…
in no particular direction at all. Idk if I’m trapped or if I’ve been set free. Maybe it’s both, maybe neither. A feeling that’s all too familiar.

Battling these moving thoughts has got me afraid to move forward; for the fear of falling back. With the wrong decision, I may lose… myself. But sooner or later, I’ll have to make a choice. Step into my world and check out my music video for my latest single “Prisoner” & don’t let your fears hold you back.”

No official release date on his upcoming debut EP. The singer says the upcoming effort will take listeners into the world of a man with a refreshingly honest take on love, passion, heartbreak, and more. Cedric is aiming to restore a feeling to R&B that goes deeper than a vibe. Watch “Prisoner” above, stream the new single, available now via Emperium Entertainment, LLC/3rd Step Recordings. Then follow Cedric Brazle on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates and more.