NEW Shades of Natasha Denona Circo Loco Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2021

Release Date + About the Launch

Express yourself with Natasha Denona’s Circo Loco Eyeshadow Palette – featuring 15 brand NEW shades of Natasha’s signature pressed and cream powder formulas ranging from light pastels to highly vibrant pigments and pearls. Inspired by the characters of the circus, this lively and colorful collector’s palette consists of three main color families: Pinks, Oranges, & Blues with Purples – all of which contain ND’s classic matte and metallic formulas.

March 15th

Natasha Denona Sephora Beautylish

Products in the Launch

Circo Loco Eyeshadow Palette, $129.00 (Limited Edition)

Firework (359CM) – Vibrant orange
Razzle Dazzle (360SM) – Vibrant fuchsia
Acrobat (361CP) – Cobalt blue matte
Snow Cone (362M) – Frosty sky blue
Cotton Candy (363M) – Icy pastel pink
Electrick (364M) – Royal blue
Grin (365M) – Vintage gold
Cannon (366M) – Vibrant bronze
Flip (367) – Electric medium teal
Fun-tomime (368CP) – Aqua pastel blue
Spiral ( 369M) – Metallic orange
Magic (370CM) – Vibrant purple-blue
Aerialist (371SM) – Frosty pastel lavender
Act (372CM) – Deep vibrant violet
Joker (373M) – Vibrant pink

Natasha Denona Circo Loco Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2021