New Release: Luca-Dante Spadafora, MOTi, & VIZE Drop ‘Let Me Go’ – A Hard-Techno Gem

“Let Me Go,” the latest creation from Luca-Dante Spadafora, MOTi, and VIZE, is a shining example of collaborative prowess. The track starts with an explosive energy, swiftly transitioning into gentle piano chords that transport listeners to a dreamlike state, building anticipation. This leads to a powerful hard-techno drop that leaves a memorable impact.

The song’s energy doesn’t wane, featuring a second, even more complex drop that highlights the trio’s exceptional skills. The smooth blend of uplifting melodies and strong beats ensures that this track will remain a favorite on playlists.

These artists are well-established in the music industry: Luca-Dante Spadafora, a rising star with over 400 million streams; MOTi, the Amsterdam-based DJ known for his work with Ty Dolla $ign and Tiësto; and VIZE, a European sensation with over 2.5 billion streams. Together, they have created something truly special.

At just 24, Luca-Dante Spadafora has achieved over 400 million streams, with his unique sound propelling him to prominence in 2023 as one of Germany’s top 20 EDM producers. His hit “Mädchen auf dem Pferd” topped charts, becoming the summer anthem of 2023 in Germany and Austria.

MOTi, an acclaimed DJ from Amsterdam, has worked with stars like Ty Dolla $ign, Wizkid, Tiësto, and Major Lazer. His hits “Virus” and “Boom” have garnered millions of plays, while his remix of “Lean On” with Tiësto and his solo track “Livin’ 4 Ya” have millions of streams on Spotify, solidifying his influence in the pop and major label arenas.

Over the past four years, VIZE has achieved significant success in Europe with 2.5 billion streams, 1.3 million records sold, and over 75 gold and platinum awards across eighteen countries. Known for his collaborations with artists such as Felix Jaehn and performances at major festivals like Tomorrowland, VIZE stands out as a major figure in the global music scene.