New Producer Steve Ropes Releases Emotional New Song, “Restless Heart” with imallryt

One of the great aspects of this job is that discovering music will never go out of business. I am blessed that even in times of crisis like we are currently facing, that creatives still need an outlet for their music. And on such occasions, I’m happy to help highlight some exceptional new talent.

Steve Ropes started his solo project in 2018 after learning to play guitar and piano from a young age. With only one other track under his belt, his new song “Restless Heart” featuring imallryt, released yesterday, is an important one in his career. It’s good, then, that the track effortlessly pulls at heartstrings with a stellar production quality and ambiance.

Of course, the vocal contribution from imallryt cannot be understated, as it no doubt elevates the song to a higher level. Along with the anthemic yet reticent drop, and the vocal chops within, the songwriting and composition, too, are both worthy of praise.

“Restless Heart” shows a massive degree of improvement over his last song released in 2019. If he stays at this pace, he could be a force to be reckoned with. Listen to his new single below.