New Orleans Native Keithian Returns With The New Single “Chance?”

New Orleans native Keithian returns with the new single “Chance?” This is the second single from his upcoming EP “Green Clouds”. He adds about the song:

“Chance? is a play on the card you pull in Monopoly, you never know what you’re gonna get so it’s a tease. So, when I wrote this song, I had an experience in mind, where I did everything, I could get the attention of this girl, but she treated me like shit. Then right when I got uninterested, she started to have interest in me. I then started to play games and do things that I knew got to her just because I resented her for playing hard to get. But the awkward thing was, I knew both of us were not gonna be honest enough to make it right or leave, so we just stayed in it and played the game.”

After years of writing and producer for other artists, Keithian is fighting to stay true to his culture and heritage in his music which will be heard throughout the upcoming project. Following stints at major labels, the artist takes it back to his Louisiana roots as an independent artist to follow his own vision. Stay tuned for the upcoming EP from Keithian and for now get into “Chance?”