New Music: Edem Gem – Magic

Allow us to reintroduce you to Eden Gem. We have been rocking with the group since they introduced us to their single “Closer” way back in 2014. The DC based group made up of Elizabeth “Liz” Jackson and Deidra “Lovey” now continue their journey with the brand new single “Magic”. The goal of the duo is to bring a fresh new sound to the realm of music, and they’ve done exactly that on the new song. It gives you a taste of the group’s eclectic sound including jazz infused rhythm & blues back by lush harmonies.

To know the group is to understand that their melodies are simplistically complex, sure to captivate the ears of every musical listener and provide them with a unique experience. Eden Gem lyrics tell the story, the story of everyday people on an incredible adventure, allowing all to experience Eden, and its Gems, through their music. Get into the new single from Eden Gem and stay tuned for more to come hopefully in the near future!