New Avicii Song “Tough Love” feat Agnes, Vargas & Lagola Released Today

Avicii’s posthumous album TIM is due out June 10, and today the world gets the second single from the album, following the first, “SOS,” last month. The new song, “Tough Love,” features Agnes, Vargas & Lagola in a beautiful Indian-influenced duet.

Avicii has never been one to shy away from challenging popular or expected styles, and this track is no different. Much like his song “Wake Me Up,” which was initially widely panned and went on to become a worldwide hit, Avicii had an innate ability to see beyond current trends and see what we all loved about music in the first place.

“Tough Love” may not be the Avicii song we wanted, but it’s the one we need.

Listen below.

Photo via Sean Eriksson via youredm

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