New Artist Spotlight: Young Goats Add EDM to Trap and Reggae for a Unique Hip Hop Experience [Video]

Young Goats is certainly a name that’s on-trend with the current slang and honestly for their unique vibe, this duo of LA transplants might be on track to actually be the GOAT. In their first LP Goat Life vol. 1, rapper/producers Young Suave and Goatey are just improving on the already innovative sound established in their earlier EPs, No Support and Young Goats, combining melodic trap-style lyrical flows, dancehall reggae and EDM rhythms.

It’s not a new concept, combining reggae, hip hop and EDM but the way Young Goats have approached it in Goat Life vol. 1 is what makes them unique. First of all, the island dancehall influence is much deeper here than in many other mashup styles and it’s woven into bass house beats in tracks like “Beautiful” and “Gaze On” so seamlessly that the transitions between dancehall and house are undetectable. It hearkens back to the reggae/dance mashups in the late 90s and early 00s with a good dose of modern hip hop and R&B as well.

Another thing unique about the album and Young Goats’ style is the way that despite the music being quite pop and uplifting, many of the tracks manage to keep that hard hip hop and trap edge. “Welcome to Goat Life,” “Dubai for the Weekend” and “Only Need You” are good examples of where Suave and Goatey are able to intersect their melodic style with their more trap/heavy hip hop style. It’s the Bone Thugs n’ Harmony phenomenon: Young Goats have found a way to combine really beautiful melodies and harmony with legitimate rap skills to make something that somehow embodies both. Young Goats are decidedly more positive than Bone Thugs, however, and their flows are just as articulate. No matter how fast they go, there is no mumble rap here.

There are almost too many crossovers to count with Young Goats’ style but all put together it makes sense. Working almost all on their own, Young Suave and Goatey have put together this polished, fun album which pushes past all the genres that define it. EDM, dancehall and hip hop have all been improved by the entrance of Young Goats into the music scene. It’s only a matter of time before they’re on big festivals and big radio. There really is something for everyone in Goat Life.

Welcome to Goat Life vol. 1 is out now and available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud. Be sure to check out Young Goats’ previous self-titled EP and No Support as well and their videos on YouTube.