New Artist Spotlight: INVIDiA – New Project by David Schoenwetter Introduces More New Talent

David Schoenwetter is an installation in the upper echelons of music production for 20 years running, having done engineering on countless big-name artists like Mikey Cyrus, The Scissor Sisters, The Jonas Brothers, Norah Jones, Yoko Ono and Donald Fagen (of Steely Dan). He’s also had engineering and production credits with almost every major television and media network. His pedigree is massive in the field but he’s also had a number of his own musical projects, where his musical style is on the pop side of EDM or the EDM side of pop. This is where his new project, INVIDiA comes in.


With only two tracks out thus far and knowing his incredible musical production range, it’s hard to fully speculate what INVIDiA’s style will be. It seems, however, no matter what he’s working on, Schoenwetter tends toward the pop end of EDM or the EDM end of pop, depending on who’s listening. The new project’s first two tracks “Way Out” and “Chameleon” are in that vein.

While “Way Out” is a straightforward although impeccably-produced bass house track with a tropical twist, INVIDiA’s latest single “Chameleon” is a bit more complex. For “Chameleon,” Schoenwetter teamed up with Muza, a fellow producer with whom he’s worked before, and vocalist Juliette Rilley. The track takes on a pop structure from a songwriting standpoint in order to feature Rilley’s vocals but it still has a very theatrical EDM feel, with its beat being grounded in future bass. It’s a great crossover piece and will work for break music in a festival set or on the pop radio charts.

Since he’s been working with Muza on projects that seem close to his heart since 2018, it may be said that David Schoenwetter will settle here in INVIDiA for a while, so fans can anticipate more bold, heartfelt and uplifting work from the pair. Even if that’s not the case, “Get Out” and “Chameleon” will certainly see some play on the EDM festival circuit this summer.

“Chameleon” is out now and can be streamed or purchased on multiple platforms by clicking here. Check out both new tracks on INVIDiA’s Spotify.

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