New Artist Profile: Kirrah Amosa Examines the Balance Between Bravery and Self Care in ‘Undefeated’

Fans of musical theatre may already know Kirrah Amosa, the Aussie songstress who has performed in a gallery of well-known musicals including Wicked, for which she won two awards. Her pop pedigree has also strengthened as the performed with the likes of Rita Ora, Adam Lambert and Rob Thomas. She released her debut EP Trials in 2018 to critical acclaim and fans fell in love with her honest lyrics paired with funky musical style. She also famously appeared on The Voice Australia this past year, but that didn’t exactly go to plan.

After a round of particularly harsh feedback from The Voice judges, Amosa left the stage visibly upset but in her mind that’s not where the problem was. After the episode aired, she faced a barrage of hate and bullying on social media. Suddenly quite early on in her pop career, Amosa had to deal with an artist’s worst fear: hate and criticism that attacked her character, not just her music.

Amosa’s first single after the The Voice debacle was entitled “Nothing On Me” and it was a direct reply to the feedback storm, containing clips from the contentious episode as well as part of a radio interview where she explained how The Voice actually works and expressing her gratitude for the fans and artists who supported her. The lyrics are scathing and the single was clearly a catharsis for Amosa.

Amosa’s newest single “Undefeated” sees her returning to her more introspective yet powerful vocals and also a lot of musical growth. While there was always a bit of an electronic element to her work, “Undefeated” has a definitive trap beat and some more EDM-style synths. Her vocals also have developed and really connote the message of the song.

In the artist’s own words,

“While I wrote Undefeated I was battling with sudden, expected waves of anxiety and feeling quite isolated from those that could help combat those waves. I had never experienced feeling like this before so I didn’t know any coping strategies and I didn’t know how to ask for help. Because I had always been viewed as a strong, powerful human, I didn’t know how to express that I suddenly felt incredibly powerless and lonely for what seemed like no reason.
I managed to find little ways to incorporate more self-care activities, such as meditation and exercise, into my routine, which has heavily inspired the visual for Undefeated. It is spoken from the perspective of someone in a relationship but can relate to anyone overcoming any struggle.”

Her perspective on the issue of putting on a brave face versus when it’s time to ask for help is an important one in music right now, especially given what Amosa and many like her have gone through in the face of social media. The single is a watchword for taking care of oneself and also for coming out stronger and better after a series of trials. As her style and substance continue to develop in leaps and bounds, Kirrah Amosa is definitely one to watch in both pop and EDM.

“Undefeated” is out now and can be streamed on Spotify along with her EP Trials. Be sure to check out her other videos, including the one for “Nothing On Me” on her YouTube channel.