Netflix Launches New Psychedelics Documentary With Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, & More

In another example of “celebrities are real people just like us,” the new Netflix documentary ‘Have A Good Trip’ features a number of A-List celebrities, including Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, A$AP Rocky, Natasha Lyonne, Anthony Bourdain, Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, and more talking about their experiences with psychedelics. In one of the most epic sound bytes from the trailer, Rocky admits, “No lie, a rainbow shot out of my dick and it had a sound with it.”

Ben Stiller said, “I took acid once. Maybe even didn’t need to. Probably could have just watched this documentary.”

The drug has always been popular in the rave scene and out, not just as a way to augment the lights and sounds at a festival, but also as a method of unlocking some more spiritual part of the psyche as a means of introspection. To listen to those with tens of millions of dollars in the bank speak about a substance that equalizes us all will surely be an interesting experience.

Check out the trailer for ‘Have A Good Trip’ below, out on Netflix May 11.