NERO’s Joseph Ray Makes Solo Debut On Anjunadeep With Double Single

Around 18 months ago, Dan and Alana of NERO created their own side project called The Night. They’ve only released two songs, to date, both on Monstercat. Today, other NERO member Joseph Ray makes his solo debut on Anjunadeep with a double single, “Room 1.5 / Chem-EX.” The two singles are just what you’d expect from a musical visionary like Ray on a label like Anjunadeep. The melodies are bright and vivid, the synths are soulful and deep, each track tells a story.

“Room 1.5 was inspired by my days listening to jungle… fuzzy memories from the London nights when I got into dance music. Those sounds and atmospheres have never really left me and this is my homage to them.”

“Chem-EX started as a short jam on the Prophet synth, but gradually developed into an extended sci-fi journey through a long descending bass pattern and multiple-layered arp.”

No word yet on whether Joseph Ray will continue down this path or reunite for more NERO music with Dan and Alana. The group’s last single was in December 2018 for the Ninjawerks compilation on Astralwerks.

Listen below.