NERO unleashing their third unexpected edit in Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Classic, “Relax”

NERO have done it again — unleashing their third unexpected edit in just over a week. Following up revivals of iconic tracks, Daft Punk‘s “Emotion” and Tame Impala‘s “Disciples,” NERO have reimagined Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s smash hit “Relax.” We’re absolutely living for these bootlegs, because there’s a raw, gritty edge underlying the tracks when experienced through the NERO lens.

In just days, edits from the NERO archives to hit Audius have racked up tens of thousands of plays. The group have uploaded three edits thus far — and, rest assured, there are plenty more to follow. Coming up on Welcome Reality‘s 10th anniversary, we anticipate the reemergence of one of dance music’s most prominent acts. The album originally released on August 12, 2011, giving life to instant timeless classics including “Doomsday,” “Innocence,” “Crush On You” and “Promises.” Listen to NERO’s take on “Relax” here!

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax (NERO Edit)