Nephew SouledOut claims his own space in hip-hop with his outstanding performance in EP Metamorphosis: tHE seed

Nephew SouledOut brings out the best from the monotonous hip-hop sound by infusing his brilliant style and releases EP ‘Metamorphosis: tHE seed’ to seal the fact. Detroit based hip-hop artist Nephew SouledOut remarkably stands out in the hip-hop lot with his fantastic rap style and equally convincing energy. Stylishly blending exciting hip-hop elements into his rap music, the artist creates an impeccable sound that rightfully suggests his deep story and inborn potential.

By creatively arranging his addictively honest thoughts and realism, the talented rapper has recently come up with his unique and heartfelt new EP ‘Metamorphosis: tHE seed’. The whole thing is a club influencer and has been impressively crafted into which the artist shows off his professionalism in a hard-hitting manner. The songs in the EP simply don’t adhere to the repetitive hip-hop hooks but comes up with something refreshing and powerful.

The voice plays a big part of the identity of the songs as it contributes to the right amount of depth and intensity to the songwriting. 5 songs that comprise the EP are ‘Paper (feat. Sincere)’, ‘Nobody (feat. Sincere)’, ‘Blessing’, ‘OnGoOnGo’, and ‘Mother of King’. Built with an unwavering love for hip-hop music, the rapper contributes the best of his musicality and stands out tall with a range of influences. The faultless rhythm in his voice catches the attention of the audience almost instantly and his artistic nature undoubtedly helps them to remain hooked throughout.

Nephew SouledOut captivates all with his stylish rap vocal as he outpours his story beautifully through the walls of the songs. The EP ‘Metamorphosis: tHE seed’ certainly helps to elevate the name of this smart and artistic rapper in the genre and also above the vast majority of his peers. With his catchy rap voice and groove that is most rare to find, the artist offers something totally unexpected and highly intriguing. Listen to his tracks on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, and Google Play, and to know more about his engaging content follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and also Facebook.