NAWAS Break Their Silence with Addictive New Track “Made For Love”

Guess who’s back? NAWAS, the awesome dance/pop duo, is back in action after a short break. Their latest tune, “Made For Love,” is out now on Kick Kick Snare Records. Jake Nawas, the lead singer and pianist, and Ben McDaniel, the producer and multi-instrumentalist, are back with a bang! They took a break to make their music even better, and it totally worked. Their new song proves it.

“Made For Love” has that irresistible alt-pop vibe NAWAS is known for. Plus, they’ve added some cool house and EDM beats to the mix.

Geoff Duncan, who’s worked with big names like Armin Van Buuren, helped NAWAS produce this awesome track. It’s ready for the radio and gives us a taste of what’s coming on their upcoming EP, Exposure.

NAWAS gets their inspiration from growing up in Louisiana and listening to all kinds of music. You can hear their unique style when you listen to “Made For Love” on Spotify. And don’t forget to check out what they have to say about what inspired this amazing song.