Nate Simpson Releases Motivational Single “Better”

The song Better by Nate Simpson is all about resiliency, as he narrates some of the obstacles he was able to overcome to get to where he is today. At one point in time, most people have faced some sort of adversity, and he brings it together in a song that is pretty catchy with some great rhythm and singing to it. Simpson shows early on that he is a storyteller, going through some of the issues he had to deal with early on in life. Everyone strives to become better and learn from their steaks, and that is exactly what Simpson believes is the case.

The delivery of Simpson is very good, and he shows off some great vocal chops as well. He seems to have no problem changing up the beat too, as this song is a little more complicated than an average R&B song. He speeds up and slows down tempo well, and the flawless execution definitely does not go unnoticed. From a video perspective, Simpson keep things pretty simple. It is pretty much a lyric video, which puts the focus on what he is saying instead of trying to be distracting. That helps to drive the message that he has truly changed with his life, and he is hoping that it is for the better.

One good thing about Simpson is that he stays away from using too many clichés when talking about turning a corner and being a different person. It is sometimes hard for singers to keep away from those clichés, but he deserves praise for that.