Natasha Denona Pastel Mini Palette


Natasha Denona Pastel Mini Eyeshadow Palette is a new miniature-sized palette featuring one matte and four shimmering eyeshadows. It wasn’t as excellent as expected for the brand, but it wasn’t awful at all when compared to other eyeshadow palettes.


Aurora (468DC)

Aurora (468DC) is a light golden copper with warm undertones and a little green-gold shifting shimmer.

Semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation
Lightly creamy, slightly too emollient at times
Applied best with a fingertip
Long-wearing (9 hours)

Twiggy (469M)

Twiggy (469M) is a pale pink with warm undertones and a metallic shine.

Opaque color payoff
Lightly emollient, smooth without being too thick
Applied evenly and blended out well
Long-wearing (9 hours)

Ontario (470M)

Ontario (470M) is a pale blue-gray with cold undertones and a frosted sheen. It was one of the firmer/stiffer hues I’d seen from the brand in a while.

Medium, somewhat buildable coverage
Firmer, slightly thin and dry
Applied best with a fingertip, hard to pick up evenly with dry brush
Long-wearing (8 hours)

Ari (471CM)

Ari (471CM) is a deep mint green with cold undertones and a matte texture.

Opaque pigmentation
Smooth, velvety texture
Applied evenly and blended out well
Long-wearing (9 hours)

Sea Star (427SM)

Sea Star (427SM) is a somewhat brighter medium-dark blue with strong, chilly undertones and bigger sparkle flakes on a semi-metallic sheen.

Opaque pigmentation
Lightly emollient, slightly more textured by touch
Picked up well with dry brush and applied evenly with slight fallout
Long-wearing (9 hours)