Natasha Denona My Dream Cheek Trio

My Dream

Natasha Denona My Dream Cheek Trio is a new cheek palette that contains a blush and two highlighters. The brand promotes it as global, however the blush hardly showed up on my skin tone, so individuals with darker skin tones may want to try it in person or skip it. I wish the brand had released two or three versions, albeit it didn’t work well in terms of marketing, so perhaps not…

My Dream (Cream Blush)

My Dream (Cream Blush) has a dusty, peachy pink finish and is semi-matte. The formula was extremely stiff and difficult to pick up, even with a fingertip. The only way to apply it was with a moistened sponge, but it was difficult to build up efficiently on my face without pulling up foundation, so it seemed like a pretty limited-use product. According to what I could discern, it lasted six hours, although it hardly showed up on my skin tone, making judging duration difficult.

My Dream (Dream Glow Powder)

My Dream (Dream Glow Powder) is a light gold with warmer, peachy undertones and a gently shimmering, metallic shine. It provided mainly opaque, buildable coverage that applied nicely to bare skin and blended out easily, and it did not highlight the natural texture of my skin. It lasted for eight hours before beginning to fade.

My Dream (Glow Cream)

My Dream (Glow Cream) is a light, peachy gold with a more transparent finish, resulting in sheer, gently dewy coverage. It was thin, emollient, and felt like a conventional cream product, thus it left skin with a glossier finish. It applied evenly on both bare skin and makeup, however it barely lasted six hours on me. I wish the brand was more specific about the product’s purpose, because they only mention how the design “elevates” the coverage, despite the fact that the promo samples show it to be extremely opaque.