Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Glow Impact Powder Review

I Need a Nude

Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Glow Impact Powder is a light-medium, peachy gold with a strong, warm yellow gold sheen that had a luminous-to-metallic finish. It looked more golden (and less peachy) on me than I anticipated–sometimes the base can dominate–but it was particularly reflective once applied and buffed out onto my skin. It did not emphasize my skin’s natural texture at all.

The texture was smooth, firmer but not stiff to work with, though it has a gel-powder based formula, which works best with a more moderately-dense brush (or something with more surface area). The upside to this type of formula is that it’s very easy to control how much is picked up, and there’s no powderiness in the pan or applied. The powder applied evenly to bare skin and diffused beautifully with minimal effort. It wore well for nine hours before fading visibly on me.

It had opaque color coverage that could be dialed down if desired, and the finish became more metallic when the product was layered. Initially, the formula was billed at buildable, and then the second release of it, that was absent, and it’s back for this release, but it seems like it may be with respect to finish since the brand’s swatches (including live, video swatches) show it as fully opaque in one layer–which would be in line with how other gel-powder formulas have been marketed in the past. The firmer nature of gel-powder formulas like this one is that it is very easy to apply less product by using a gentler hand or fluffier brush as there’s no excess kicked up, so it is hard to overload a brush.